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Why buy a house in Intelvi Valley ?

Lake Como Service Real Estate Agency
San Fedele Intelvi, most important town of Intelvi Valley

The Valle Intelvi is in  Como Province (Italy), between Como and Lugano Lakes, bordering Switzerland.

The uncontaminated nature and the beauties that can be admired in all the seasons are the characteristics that better identify the territory, rich of traditions and history.
It consists of small municipalities, in which the values ​​of the past are still handed down to the new generations.


Mountain Bike in Intelvi Valley
(see our private webcam on San Fedele Intelvi:

The main town is San Fedele Intelvi, today part of the largest municipality of Centro Valle Intelvi, along with Casasco and Castiglione. Shops, bars, restaurants, buses, banks, post offices, schools and the main services are available in the center of the country, dynamic and full of proposals, especially during the summer.

There are numerous activities can be carried out in Valle Intelvi: hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, easy walks, golf, skiing, swimming, tennis, soccer and much more.
And then you can relax in peace and quiet away from the chaos of the city!
Rich is also the artistic and cultural heritage located in Valle Intelvi, home of the Intelvesi Magistri, famous throughout Europe for having carried out important architectural works in past centuries.


Beautiful view from Intelvi Valley


Lake Como is today one of the most requested places by foreign buyers, with requests from all over the world.
The brand that revolves around the lake is of inestimable value and the trend is constantly growing, as a result housing prices have shown very significant increases.
There are many famous people who have villas on the lake, we all remember George Clooney in Laglio.

So why buy a house in Intelvi Valley?

Our agency is specialized in offering real estate in Intelvi Valley to foreign buyers for three main reasons:

1) The extraordinary beauty of places
2) The proximity to Lake Como (5 minutes), Lake Lugano (5 minutes) and Switzerland (10 minutes)
3) The availability of properties at very affordable prices compared to what is offered in the Lake area, which can be reached in a few minutes.

Main distances from San Fedele Intelvi:
– Como City km 25
– Milan km 78
– Lugano km 30
– Malpensa Airport km 88

The services we offer are of high quality: customer satisfaction is our mission.

Contact us for any information!


dr Massimiliano Bianchi Owner Lake Como Service